Live Chat Support

Real Time Assistance

Customers get real-time assistance while they are browsing your website. This reduces support time drastically. The real-time assistant also helps customers make decisions on whether to make a purchase or not

Convert Visitors To Customers

You have an opportunity to convert website visitors to customers. There is also scope for upselling or cross-selling to existing customers. Chat support is the perfect tool to help boost your website’s conversions.

Gather visitor information

Know your website visitor information in real-time by interacting with them. Get the necessary feedback from the customers and find out how to improve your services.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Help reduce cart abandonment in e-commerce sites and increase sales with our chat support service. Customers that face any challenge while making a transaction on your website can get quick assistance.

Ticket Management

Live chat support We also have full audit trails on each ticket, together with real-time dashboards, that ensure everything gets resolved promptly and in accordance with the impact it is having on your business. We create tickets quickly and easily to help your customers & staffs.

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