Prixim Infowares UK Limited targets the array of services which mainly includes Fintech Business and Forex White Label solutions.

Prixim Infowares Private Limited (India ) offers a broad spectrum of services that include IT,ITES, Call Center, BPO, KPO, Business Services etc.

We bring together the best people, processes, and technologies to provide high-quality and cost-effective end-to-end solutions. FXBrokersupport.com is one of the services we provide under Prixim Infowares Private Limited through which our team of Forex Professional provides outsourcing for Forex business only providing various services like Outbound inbound support , customer retention and referral etc.

We specialize in supporting forex brokers with Business Process Outsourcing.

Expand your business and reduce fixed costs by engaging to support your existing teams or completely manage business processes, including Client Support, Back Office, Finance, and Accounting. FxBrokerSupport.com was formed in 2017 by a team of FX industry veterans. Our combined experience in the FX & CFD industry exceeds 10 years and as we grow, this number increases. We come from a diverse background which includes technology, and marketing. Because of the diverse nature of our backgrounds, we offer a unique perspective on the market that few have. We noticed that as the FX industry grew, there was a need for consulting services, especially due to the many challenges this market poses.

First, it’s rapidly changing, not only from a regulatory standpoint but in terms of market trends. Secondly, there is a massive amount of information available, which can be overwhelming for newcomers. Finally, the market itself is complex. We use our experience to make it easier to follow. We are well experienced in Conversion and Retention departments and have all necessary skills and proven selling techniques fit for the world of Financial Markets that improve customer satisfaction and will increase your company’s revenue. Our goal is to be a single point of contact for all support services related to FX. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about what we do, our goal is to help you reach your maximum potential.


Our commitment is to provide our clients with competitively-priced & reliable customer support outsourcing to ensure that their companies are running as efficiently as possible! To keep true to this motto, we always dedicate the designated infrastructure & staffing towards each process and client so we can fully focus on giving the most quality customer care possible.